the Listen/Silent Program


Youth Mental Health Assembly

 Listen/Silent engages youth to be active in their mental health by providing them with the education and space to speak through our Youth Mental Health Presentations (YMHP). By working collaboratively with school boards in Hamilton and other parts of the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area, we educate youth about the spectrum of mental health. YMHA provides a platform for youth with lived experience to speak directly to students in high school about the importance in understanding one’s mental health, being aware of the signs of mental health issues or illnesses, and to not be afraid to seek help. Based on evidence, our contact-based approach to educate is proven to engage youth to listen and speak about mental health. 

 Would you like MINA to come by your school and host a YMHP?  

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Parent/Caregiver and Teacher Mental Health Presentations

 Every YMHA will be followed by a Parent/Caregiver & Teacher Mental Health Presentations (PCTMHP) to promote prevention and early intervention of mental illness among youth. PCTMHPs will provide parents and teachers with the tools to support their children and students to understand their mental health, be aware of the signs of mental health issues or illnesses, and to provide an open and safe space for their children and students to talk. 


Youth Peer Mentoring

 Through the Peer Mentoring Program, Listen/Silent empowers youth to actively support their mental health needs. Our program pairs youth between the ages of 13 to 18 with a peer mentor between the ages of 19 and 26. Youth are matched with their mentors based on shared objectives, background, and identity. This community-informed program is developed in close collaboration with supporting organizations in order to ensure all youth who participate in our program have access to the extensive mental health services available to them.  

registrations ARE OPEN!

Are you between 14 to 24 years old? Are passionate about mental health? Have Talent? What's your story? Express yourself at MINA’s LISTEN/SILENT Youth Mental Health Presentation! Fill out the form below to register. Under message please include the following: Your age and your talent.