Youth Ambassadors


Minds In Need of Attention is looking for individuals (ages 14 to 24) who are passionate about making a difference in their community. As a Youth Ambassador you will support MINA’s mission for youth mental health.

Through your participation, you will develop leadership skills and become more engaged in your school and communities. Most importantly, your voice will play an integral part in shaping mental health awareness and suicide prevention within Ontario’s education system and health care policies.

This is a great opportunity for you to:  

  • Advocate for youth mental health  
  • Opportunity to sit on the Board of Directors as a representative of your peers (2 openings available)  
  • Gain experience and knowledge on mental health in your community 
  • Build skill sets in public speaking, communication and leadership (including specialized skills, if interested, in: Marketing, Fundraising, Graphic Design, Web, Social Media, etc.) 
  • Be involved in helping others  
  • Collaborating with other organizations and youth to build your professional and personal network 
  • High School students will be able to account for 20 community hours  
  • MINA provides written reference letters to those who request it  
  • Opportunity to receive MINA’s leadership award 

General Responsibilities: 

  • Youth Ambassadors are expected to attend all monthly meetings as their input is essential and continuity from meeting to meeting is critical.  
  • Assist in launching the organization’s prevention program, LISTEN/SILENT.  
  • Seek and develop an understanding of the current and future needs and issues related to the organization’s desired outcomes. 
  • Participate in committees of interest including but not limited to: Marketing, Fundraising, Social Media, etc. 
  • Review, understand and commit to the organization’s Youth Orientation Manual.  
  • Assist in raising funds in support of the organization’s mission.

  • Attend monthly meeting held on the third Tuesday of every month, from 6:30 -8pm (Location: Meadowlands - Starbucks in Chapters) 
  • Launch a small community event to raise mental health awareness, October 2019  
  • Attend 3 MINA workshops on Time Management (March), SAFETALK training (June), and Healthy Relationships (September). (Location: YMCA, Rymal Rd)

    Term: 10 months (February-November 2019)

    If interested, please send your resume to

    *Please ensure you meet the age requirement and are able to commit to the monthly meetings.