Minds In Need of Attention (MINA): Mental Health and Prevention Advocates

Board of Directors Postings

Strategic Planning Committee


There are so many levels one can support their community. Help us strategically plan the next 5 years so that MINA can be a strong helping hand for youth mental health. 

Fundraising Committee


We are 100% volunteer led organization. Our programs wouldn't exist without our fundraising efforts. No experience required and training will be provided. Let us know if would like to learn more about our community fundraising events!

Program Committee


Be a part of our Listen/Silent program. Interact with creative youth who advocate for mental health and brush up on your public speaking by being a part of our youth mental health presentations in high schools.

thank you larica perera #comeflyaway2019

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According to World Health Organization one person dies every 40 seconds to suicide. On September 10, we link arms across the world to raise awareness and to work together to prevent suicide. Today make a commitment that everyday you will put your mental health first along side others. #WSPD 

Get involved!


7th annual Come Fly Away Community Event

Join us this September 29th* at our free charitable event, where we invite all ages to grab a kite and let it soar. Each kite is a voice no longer silenced. We are a community advocates for mental health. *Pending City Approval


Julia Botros


 Julia is an aspiring student at  Humber College. She is currently working towards completing her  Bachelor’s in Digital Communications while also pursuing her dream as a  holistic wellness coach. Driven by her passion for health, Julia found  MINA to be a genuine and relatable advocate for the crucial importance of mental health and prevention. MINA’s core values and vision inspired Julia to join the team! 

Harpreet Sahota


 Harpreet is a young policy professional living and working in Toronto. She recently earned her Master in Public Policy with a Specialization in Community Development from the University of Toronto. She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce with Specialized Honours in Management from York University. 

Passionate about reducing the stigma around mental health, Harpreet advocates for equitable access to mental health care. She has been volunteering with MINA since July 2018 and currently supports the work of the Program Committee.

Noor Jabbar


 My name is Noor Jabbar and I go to school at Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Institute. I'm interested in volunteering with MINA because I want to spread awareness about mental health also because I'm passionate about helping people overcome their problems. I want people all over the world to understand mental health and its effects on a person's life because when someone shows empathy for another person the world will become more inclusive. My perspective on mental health is that it's just as real and painful as any physical health concern, and people need to take it seriously in order to find happiness or to help any other person find happiness as well. 


Digital Marketing Proposal - Mohawk College Students


Thank you to Fayez Jarad, Mark Hoang, Monique Villa, Jessica Greenwood, Owen Hogg and Sharmaine Aquino for their excellent presentation and proposal on how MINA can engage more digital awareness on January 11th, 2018. MINA is honoured to have been chosen as their business choice and we look forward to implementing their hard work in our 5 year strategic plan. 

Association of Administrative Professionals - Hamilton


MINA is grateful to all the members of the Association of Administrative Professionals - Hamilton Branch for their generosity in choosing MINA as their charity of choice for 2016-17 fiscal year. Thank you for linking arms with us in being mental health and prevention advocates in Hamilton.

Super Smash Bros. Tournament - McMaster University and Mohawk College Students


Mate Situm and Heather Riggs along with their classmates, raised funds for MINA during their Super Smash Bros. Tournament in May 2017. MINA is honoured to have been chosen as their charity recipient and congratulates all those who participated. Together we advocate for prevention and mental health.